Sober Living Facts:

"Relapse rates for people leaving detox range from 65% to 80% percent one month after discharge, but those provided drug-free recovery housing coupled with an intensive day-treatment program may be up to 10 times more likely to stay abstinent than those released from rehab with minimal assistance. Even recovery housing alone, without therapy, was nearly five times as likely to keep people from returning to heroin, OxyContin and other opioids."   Society for the Study of Addiction

In a study of 243 opioid dependent people, after one month post-rehab:

  • 60% of those in sober housing plus who were engaged in further treatment remained abstinent
  • 44% of those in sober living without continued treatment were drug-free
  • 5% percent of those left on their own were still off drugs
  • Of those who stayed in recovery housing for more than 60 days, more than 50% were drug-free at 6 months.   

National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Drug Abuse and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Stop the Heroin Facts:


  • Stop the Heroin seeks to change lives by helping people who are getting ready to graduate from inpatient rehab transition into a Recovery Home, but who lack the funds to do so.  Applicants are recommended to us through their counselors.

  • Stop the Heroin was founded in April 2016, and as of May 2019, has helped over 300 people into a Recovery Home. 
    Our ongoing goal is to provide the means for survival and recovery for individuals who desperately want to escape the misery of addiction.

  • We focus on recovery housing because we feel it fills a gap in the recovery process, one that is not often recognized as a necessary and viable.   Without recovery homes, most addicts will return to the living situation where they were using previously.  Recovery Homes offers a supportive peer environment that gives them an opportunity to integrate into productive society.  In fact, according to a Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine report, those who attend day treatment and live in a recovery home or drug-free housing were 10 times more likely to avoid relapse.

  • We are an organization that is ran 100% by volunteers.  No one makes a salary or receives any money for their work.

  • 100% of funds donated go exclusively to the operation of Stop the Heroin and to place people into recovery homes.

  • Stop the Heroin was formed after founders Bill & Tammy Schmincke’s son, Steven James Schmincke, passed away after a heroin overdose the day before Easter 2016.   As a means of therapy and healing for themselves, their continuing efforts focus on providing successful graduates of rehabilitation programs assistance for entry into a recovery home.  Read the whole story as told by Bill & Tammy here

  • Stop the Heroin has a recovery home called Steven’s Place in Pleasantville, NJ.  It houses 10 men plus a house manager and offers a structured program to help men transition into productive living. 

  • Stop the Heroin now has a total of (5) sober living houses that are operational with a 6th one scheduled to open in September of 2019.  The recovery homes currently have 50 men and women that are transitioning into productive living.

   609-892-4582         PO Box 296, Pleasantville, NJ  08232      

Stop the Heroin

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