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Stop the Heroin

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Our Program:

Stop the Heroin provides funding for those who lack the means to transition from rehab into recovery homes after successfully completing rehab.  We assist with the security deposit, admin fees, and first few weeks of rent.   These costs can run from $620 to $900, depending on the facility.   Recipients are referred to us by their counselors, and undergo an interview process before funds are released.

Program Details & Criteria:

  • We are contacted by counselors on behalf of their client while that client is still in rehab.  

  • Once a person has left rehab, or if they are not currently in rehab, they are not eligible for our program.  We cannot provide funds for people who are late on their rents, who are homeless, or who are not currently in an inpatient rehab program.

  • We only cover entry fees (administrative fees, security deposit, and the first 2 weeks of rent).  To promote self-sufficiency, we do not provide any further funding.

  • When possible, we pick people up from rehab and drive them to their recovery home.  We do so to share with them the message of Stop the Heroin and to encourage them on their journey.

  • We do not recommend or suggest a specific recovery home.  This decision is made by the person we are helping, along with their counselor, so they can pick the best recovery home that will suit their individual needs.

  • Applicants are screened to determine their level of motivation, ensure they have a plan for success, and to find out their exact financial situation.  In some cases, we will reach out to the support system (family, etc) of the applicant to secure funds toward the entry fees.  If they cannot provide all the funds needed, we will supplement to ensure the applicant will be able to enter into recovery housing.

 Scholarship Application:

  • Once the application is completed, we will contact both the counselor and the applicant for an interview.  
  • Funds are not immediately available or released.  Please allow a minimum of 3 days to process your application.